Tim DeBoom has a few nice words to say about inyangi

Posted by Shopify on October 18, 2010 0 Comments
This summer we received an e-mail from the one and only, two-time Ironman World Champion, Tim DeBoom. He let us know he had picked up nubutte chamois butter at Vecchio's bike shop in Boulder, CO, and loved it. 

Tim was also kind enough to give nubutte chamois butter a write up on his blog.

"There’s a cool, new & organic chamois butter in Boulder and Tim swears by it"

"As the training miles are ramping up for Kona, you better believe that just one saddle sore can take you out of commission for several days - this product is a critical component of Tim’s daily training regime."

We're honored that Tim took the time to let us know what he thinks about our products, and we are proud to be part of Tim's training regime. Thank you Tim!

Check out Tim's web site and his blog:

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