What some of our customers are saying ...

"There’s a cool, new & organic chamois butter in Boulder and Tim swears by it ... As the training miles are ramping up for Kona, you better believe that just one saddle sore can take you out of commission for several days - this product is a critical component of Tim’s daily training regime." - Tim DeBoom, two-time Ironman World Champion

 "I have had a history of issues with friction-related saddle sores and I've tried tons of different products - Assos, Chamois Buttr, Body Glide to name a few.  I was never satisfied with any of them, but I was desperate to do anything to prevent the saddle sores and so I kept using them.  Now I'm a HUGE fan of your product -- it is the first product that I think actually makes a difference. My problem with Assos and Chamois Buttr was that they disappeared as soon as you put either product on.  Within minutes, they had soaked into the chamois and seemed to lose all effectiveness.  Body Glide had more long-term staying power, but it was too 'thin' when it was applied to be effective in a high motion area like bike shorts. So... the thing I love about your product is the consistency; it stays where you put it, it is thick enough to keep working long into a ride, but not too thick nor does it feel petroleum-y.  And it smells nice to boot.  It is clearly still working well into a 2 hour ride.  Since I've been using your product, I haven't had a single issue!  Which is nothing short of amazing." - Tara Peltier, Boulder, CO

 "Great product. Nubutte works! Won't wear off even on a hot day. Fast shipping, reasonable price. A 4 ounce jar lasts months of daily riding. Thanks!" - Rob Erbeau, Cyclist (via Facebook)

 "I can only praise the Nubutte, it held up well in tough conditions and on long rides, it seems to be more resistant to sweat and rain than other products, and since it's not water-based it does not tend to break down or wash away. I love using a product that does not contain a lot of chemicals which alone is a great reason to use Nubutte! I would definitely recommend this product to any cyclist!!!! - Garry Simpson, product review on WomenSport report

 "I recently purchased your cream and wanted to provide you feedback as I promised I would. Well, I found nubutte very different than what I was using. Your product certainly stood up to what you published - long lasting and effective at doing its job. I tested nubutte on short two-hour rides and on several 100-mile trips and I must say I'm completely satisfied. Nubutte never left me down on being there until the end of the ride. A little goes a long way too. Well, I'm currently training for the PA Perimeter Ride Against Cancer - a six-day, 500-mile-plus ride from Burlington, VT to Allentown, PA, and I want you to know "nubutte" will be riding with me. - Keith Spangler, Pennsylvania 

 "I recently returned to riding after being on crutches. Some tender spots quickly developed after getting back on the saddle prior to testing Nubutte. After nearly two weeks of using Nubutte, my problem areas dissipated. It didn’t break down in hot weather riding either. Overall, there are many positive characteristics of Nubütte. Being Shea based leads this list. I felt there was a sincere desire and commitment to create a better product for cyclists. The proof is in its use. It not only heals but has preventive properties. I urge all cyclists to try it ...." - Dave Osborne, excerpt from his review of nubütte for

 "I recently attended the PAC women's coaching camp and received a sample of your great product Nubutt Cream. It saved the day for me during that week in Arizona. A few weeks ago I raced in Alaska and one of my teammates used Nubutt Cream and it it saved her day!" - Maggie, Hawaii 

 "I swear by this stuff and have used it for years! I could not imagine riding without it!" - Jason Herman

 "I love using Nubutte because I know it comes from all natural ingredients. I like taking care of my body by using natural products, rather than harmful chemicals. I also believe in the company’s philosophies, so I am happy to represent such a special company. Thanks Nubutte!" - Brooke Harris, nubutte Sponsored Athlete 

 "Your product is amazing and filled with many healing, wonderful ingredients and I can proudly say after 500 miles I didn’t have any saddle sores. As an anti-petroleum person and a consumer who is very aware of what I put on my skin, I am thrilled that there are natural products which do the trick." - Michelle, Rider from PAC tour Arizona 

 "I wanted to say that the Nubutte is working great, I use it on every training ride and race and it is by far better than any product I have tried before, I have been doing a lot of bragging to other riders and racers I know and they seem pretty interested so I have been passing along the website link. on a side note, since I use the nubutte so much I was wondering if it would be possible to order a couple more jars, this stuff is awesome, keep up the good work." - Jason, nubutte Sponsored Athlete 

 "I’ve used a lot of creams, ointments, and other products to protect myself from saddle sores and general saddle and cycling short discomfort. When I began using nubütte cream, I knew after the first use I would never go back to my old products. Nubütte cream works better than any product I’ve used in the past. Everyone should give nubütte a try." - Michelle Grainger, 

* And since we brag about people who brag about us, Michelle Grainger,, has over 20 years experience in racing, Coaching and Personal Training. Bachelors degree from the University of Florida, a Level 1 Coaching License from USA Cycling/Olympic Training Center, and certifications in the areas of Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, and Pre and Post Natal Fitness. 

 "I will never go for another ride without ‘nubütte chamois butter’, no matter if I have a race or just a training day. It’s effectiveness is amazing. It eliminates the abrasive feeling of a sweaty chamois. It minimizes irritation due to friction and excessive sweating and really helps if you are having chafing issues. Nubütte chamois butter prevents saddle sores. It is quick and easy to apply and it washes out of your skin and shorts easily. Now I can ride longer and faster without discomfort.” - Kathlene Ebert, nubutte Sponsored Athlete 

 "In my opinion, Nubutte is the best product of it’s type available. I enjoy the all natural ingredients and its ability to stay around on longer rides. I also use it as lip balm, again because it stays on longer than chapstick, et. al.” - Rodd Wagner, Seattle, WA